A Record

What is the meaning of A Record?

An A Record is a DNS entry designed to map a domain name to the IP address (IPv4) of the computer on which the domain is hosted. It helps in discovering the IP address of a computer connected to the internet through a name.

The ‘A’ in A record means ‘Address.’ Each time an internet user visits a website, sends an email, logs into their social media, or do any other activity, the address entered is usually a series of words with dots in-between.
For instance, the DeBounce website is accessible at There is an A record in the name server linking the IP address, such that when a visitor request from their browser to, they are directed to the server with the IP address
There are different types of DNS records, but A Records are the most basic. It is often used in DNS servers as one of the primary records.
A-Records are built to be quite useful. For instance, it is possible to achieve fallbacks and redundancy using several A records for the same domain. Likewise, multiple names can direct users to only one address, where each name would have a separate A record pointing to that same IP address.
The DNS A record is represented by RFC 1035.

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