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Which Files Does DeBounce Accept?

DeBounce accepts TXT and CSV files. The maximum file-size is 20MB and the maximum allowed emails per file are 200,000.

If you are going to upload a TXT file, this file must include only emails, only one email per line with no extra characters such as white spaces or , and ; sings.

If you are going to upload a CSV file, your CSV files must include the email column and the emails must be on the same column. It can include other columns such as Names, etc. Our tool only keeps the email column and removes the other information while uploading. At the same time, we do not change the order of your emails. So you can easily download the full report and copy/paste the validation results back to your CSV file. The order of rows will match perfectly. Then you can filter the “Deliverable” emails. (Learn how to filter: https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/excel2010/filtering-data/1/).

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