Deliverability Guarantee

Email deliverability is a critical metric for the success of your email campaigns. We guarantee deliverability while using our service.

Email deliverability is a critical metric for the success of your email campaigns, and for your mailing reputation as a whole. DeBounce uses industry best practices to ensure the most accurate verification results. We back up our results with a 97.5% (or better) deliverability rate guarantee:
  • 95%+ accuracy rates on Microsoft email accounts (Office 365, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook, Live, etc.).
  • 98%+ accuracy rates on everything else.
  • Yahoo! and AOL email addresses under the deactivation process are not covered by this deliverability guarantee.
  • Note:If your list contains old Yahoo and AOL emails, please contact support prior to validating your emails so that our experts can advise you of the best methods to manage your lists. Please read a detailed article about the deliverability problem regarding disabled Yahoo accounts here.
  • Note:Since DeBounce uses special methods for validating GMX and domains, you may get more bounces (maybe more than 10%). More information about special domains can be found here.

Service Commitment and Exclusions

To be considered eligible for the deliverability guarantee, your mailing practices must match the following criteria:

  • Batch of at least 1,000 email addresses, verified with DeBounce, and sent within a 48-hour period.
  • Email addresses must be classified as Deliverable and Safe to Send.
  • Bounces must be the result of an invalid (non-existing) email address. Unqualified bounces may include (but are not limited to) poor sender reputation, mail server misconfiguration / unavailability, etc.
  • Bounces due to spam content, blacklisted IPs, technical issues, invalid mail configuration, throttling, etc. do not qualify for the guarantee.
  • The list must be an opt-in list that you have collected; it must not have been purchased from a 3rd party.
  • DeBounce has no guarantee for finding the spam traps on your list.

How the Guarantee works

If you believe we have not lived up to our guarantee, please open a feedback form within 30 days of the discrepancy.

Qualified paying customers can receive additional verification credits as below:
In the event that the accuracy rates fall below the mentioned thresholds, we will increase the amount by three times for every one percent. Let's assume you have an accuracy rate of 96%, which is one percent lower than the guaranteed threshold of 97%+ accuracy rates for all other aspects. We will add three percent (3%) of your total validation credits for those emails to your account balance. If your accuracy rate is two percent lower than the guaranteed threshold, the credit refund will be six percent (6%) of your list size. In the case of a four percent difference, the credit refund will be twelve percent (12%), and so on.

If you experience more than 8% bounces, we will refund all of your money.