Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed some commonly asked questions and answers that belong to particular topics around DeBounce’s services.

General Questions

I'm considering using your email validation service but I'm concerned about the privacy of my data.
DeBounce is a service that operates according to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards.
We do not process or store email addresses for any purpose other than validation.
We do not share any client data with any third party, at any time.
We retain personal data processed on behalf of our clients for as long as it is needed to provide services to our clients.
All data from API requests and batch/list processing will be deleted upon your request.
Is there any risk that our IPs and domains will get blacklisted when using your service?
All processing is completed on our servers, so your IP addresses and domains are not affected in any way by the DeBounce service. There is absolutely no risk of your IPs and domains becoming blacklisted .
A valid email address just bounced. How did this happen?
DeBounce only determines if the recipient address exists. It does not test the anti-spam policies employed by the receiving mail server, as no mail is actually sent.
Make sure that your mail server's DNS data contains valid MX, PTR, and SPF records. You should also check that the sender’s address exists and that mail to this address is accepted by your server.
Additionally, your mail server needs to have a good reputation in order to send email reliably. Cleaning your email lists before you start a new email marketing campaign helps a lot.
What is the maximum upload file size or maximum allowed number of emails per list?
The maximum number of emails per list is 200,000. If your list is larger, please reduce its size.
Do I need to install any software to use DeBounce?
No, you don’t. From the moment you upload your email lists, DeBounce will take care of the entire process. Once you’ve set up an account with us, you can upload your lists directly from your browser.
How often should I verify my emails?
Large lists should be checked once every two weeks, at the very least. Smaller sized lists can be checked on a monthly basis.
How important is it to have clean email lists?
Very important! Clean email lists ensure that your email marketing strategy doesn't go to waste. If you send out your next campaign to unverified and outdated email addresses, you’ll find that you’ll have a very low conversion rate, as well as unreliable data. With a clean list, however, you’ll only be distributing your email to fully verified addresses, allowing you to communicate directly with your core customers and shape your email marketing efforts around them.
How does the email verification process work?
Our algorithms have been specially designed to utilize tools such as Domain Validation, Syntax Verifier, Spam-Trap Removal, and Email De-duplication tools. These are used to clean, verify and sort your lists. We also check the validity of MX records, as well as carry out Bounce Processing.
What is your accuracy rate?
Our service is 97.5% accurate, offering you the best-of-breed standard for measuring verifications. We are endorsed by thousands of satisfied customers.
Does DeBounce send out any e-mail messages while validating?
No, it doesn't. DeBounce employs DNS and SMTP protocol functionalities to perform email address validations, and always avoids sending any email messages to external mail exchangers for delivery.

Service Usage

Which package should I purchase?
It depends on the frequency of which you need to maintain email lists. Pay as You Go packages are the best fit for different needs based on list size. Please note that DeBounce credits never expire.
How fast will you process my lists?
This is dependent on factors such as list size and quality. We use the best tools and practices in the industry to guarantee quick list processing.
Do email credits for "Pay as You Go" packages expire?
No, they do not. Your "Pay as You Go" email credits will continue to work, as long as you haven't reached the limit.
How can I upload my email lists?
On the dashboard, you have access to the "Uploading Email Lists" option. Click on it and you will be able to easily upload your files.
How do I sign up?
It is very easy. Just click on the “sign up” button in the top right corner and provide your name and email address. You will soon receive a confirmation email and you’ll be good to go.
How do I login?
You can either click the login button in the top right corner or use the following this link.
How can I use my account?
We’ve designed an easy-to-use interface to create a seamless experience for you. You’ll receive a simple built-in Tour Guide to show you the main features. You can restart the short Tour Guide from the “Help” section at the left bottom of the page after login.
Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately not. Packages are non-refundable.
Does DeBounce keep other columns than email if I upload a CSV file?
Yes. You can have as many as columns you want. We will add extra validation columns to your original file.
Will you store my lists forever?
You can remove your email lists any time you want. Moreover, DeBounce automatically removes the lists 7 days after upload or validation, whichever is the latter. Please ensure you download your validation results once validation is finished.


How do I use the API?
There is full documentation on the API page, which is accessible here.
What is the maximum API call rate?
5 concurrent calls are the maximum you can perform while using the API endpoint. DeBounce API is not built to perform many or bulk validations.
What is the API's up-time?
We are constantly monitoring all of our validation servers, including API. Currently, DeBounce API uptime guarantee is 99.8% - we never go below this. You can monitor all DeBounce servers and their up-times via this status page.
I get a "No Access-Control-Allow-Origin" error on JavaScript calls. What do I do?
In order to allow your website to connect to the API, you need to add your website domain to the allowed CORS domains. To do so, open your API on the dashboard, click on "Set CORS Domains" and add your website address to create permissions.
Does DeBounce store emails that are called from the API?
DeBounce really cares about data protection and user privacy, so never stores any emails that are called from API.
Does deduplication feature works for the API?
No. Since we do not store the email addresses you validate using the API, the deduplication feature does not work for the API.
How can I find out my remaining credits?
On every call, you will receive an update of your remaining credits on API response. Moreover, there is a separate API to view the remaining credits on your DeBounce account. See APIs documentation here.

Request Support

To open a support ticket, please send an email to [email protected] and our staff will respond to you shortly.

Typically, messages will be answered in less than 24hrs. We will respond as soon as possible.

If you have problems with your account, please include your username so that our experts can solve the issue more efficiently.