Lead Finder

Find someone's email address by validating possible email addresses created by the permutation of first name, last name, and company address for cold emailing purposes.

Find Someone's Email Address

Email Finder is a tool to create possible email addresses with a given first name, last name, and the domain name. It creates possible email addresses and starts validating them. Before the validation starts, we check if the provided domain name is accept-all or not. Also, we check for a possible syntax error with the given parameters.

How it Works?

Search for 35 Possible Email Addresses

Lead finder automatically creates 35 different email addresses can be created by your given information and starts validating them by the calculated priority.

If the option "Pause the validation process when the first valid email address is found" is selected (which is checked by default), the validation process will stop once the first valid email address is found. This helps you to spend fewer validation credits because a valid email address is already found.

  • Create 35 Different Emails
  • Detect Accept-all Servers
  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • Abort Validation if Email is Found
  • Do Not Pay for Unknowns
  • Just Provide Name and Domain

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

How lead finder can help me?
It automates the finding process of a lead. There is no need to manually create emails and validate them one by one. The lead finder will do it all.
How much does it cost?
DeBounce creates 35 different emails and starts validating them one by one. Once the first valid email address is found, it aborts the process automatically. So you will pay from 1 up to 35 credits.
Do you find the email address of anyone I provide?
The short answer is no. We just create possible email addresses and start validating them. You may pay for 35 credits, but no email is found. This tool just automates the process.
What if an email server is catch-all?
DeBounce performs a catch-all test prior to validating the first email. If the server is catch-all, the process cannot start. You will pay only 1 credit if the given server is catch-all.
Can I use lead finder feature in API?
No, this option is not available in API at this time.