ActiveCampaign Email Verification Integration

Grab your email list from the ActiveCampaign and verify. Use the power of DeBounce email validation engine. It's easy and can be done by following simple steps.


The ActiveCampaign integration allows you to easily transfer any list from your ActiveCampaign to your DeBounce account and validate them.

DeBounce is a verified partner of ActiveCampaign. Find us here.

You can also use this integration to monitor ActiveCampaign email lists on a daily basis using DeBounce list-monitoring (or sync) feature.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to validate your ActiveCampaign emails.

Creating ActiveCampaign API URL/Key

Before starting, you need to have an ActiveCampaign API key, so DeBounce can connect your ActiveCampaign account and transfer the lists. We already provided a blog post that includes step by step guide and lets you know how to do that. Check the article via this link.

Importing a list from ActiveCampaign

Once you have created an API key and URL, click on "Integrations" on the left menu. Then click on the "Connect" button in front of the ActiveCampaign icon.

On the next page, paste the API key you have generated from the previous step, then press the "Connect". If everything is done correctly, you will see a full list of your lists on ActiveCampaign. Then click on "Import" in front of the list you are going to validate. Wait until the list is successfully transferred. You may now start validating your transferred list.

Unsubscribing bad emails from your ActiveCampaign account

Once the validation process is finished, click on "Update ActiveCampaign". Based on analyzing results, choose what categories are you going to suppress (for example invalid, spam-trap, and disposable emails), then click on the "Update ActiveCampaign's List" button. Wait some seconds for the process to finish. Selected categories will unsubscribe from your email list on ActiveCampaign.

Disconnecting ActiveCampaign

After unsubscribing bad emails from your ActiveCampaign, you can disconnect DeBounce and ActiveCampaign. Just navigate to the "Integration" page on DeBounce and press "Disconnect" in front of the ActiveCampaign logo.