Email Service Providers

Grab your email list from the cloud or ESPs and verify.

Pull Lists From Your ESPs

What we have learned is that most email marketers use a hand full of different ESPs. Once you have added the integration, it stays active on your list. This is super convenient because you won’t have to keep inputting different passwords each time you want to clean up a new list of data. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to log-in to multiple platforms and import your lists. This means you should have no excuses when it comes to following good data hygiene practices, right?

Current List of Integrations

Mailchimp: Now you can easily pull in data from your mailchimp account. You can add multiple accounts, and clean multiple lists. Signing in is simple all you need is to have your username and password handy to get the integration up and running.

Mailerlite: We are integrated with Mailerlite, this means you can type in your credentials, locate your lists and clean and update your email lists for better performance.

SendGrid: Clean your email lists that are stored on SendGrid with just a few clicks. Plug in your username and password to give DeBounce access to your email list data.

SparkPost: We are integrated with SparkPost, import your list quickly on DeBounce and start validating. Get an SparkPost API and connect with DeBounce.

Acelle Mail: from version 3.0.20.
Acelle Mail is a full-featured and easy-to-use e-marketing script written in PHP that allows you to send large amounts of marketing or e-mail transactions through your own server or through another email provider.

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