Bulk Email Verifier Review. 5+ Services Compared.

Bulk email verifier is the need of every business that collects email(s), irrespective of its size and nature.

Maintaining a healthy email list brings good returns from the email marketing campaigns. The reason being, a targeted email account will bring better engagements and more clicks.

An email account tends to decay as the time passes, one of the reason is an abandonment of an email account.

Top Ranked Bulk Email Verifier

  1. DeBounce
  2. ZeroBounce
  3. Xverify
  4. QuickEmailVerification
  5. HuBuCO
  6. EmailChecker

There is a long list of bulk email verification services. We have tried and tested only the best services, that produce the real results for its users.

Best Bulk Email Verifier - Pricing

Pricing is one of the decisive metrics when a service is to be bought. Email verification services are not required on daily basis, hence the easy pay-as-you-go pricing packages are offered to ease customers. Here is the list of bulk email verification services that offer competitive pricing packages, that suits the needs of every business.

Features DeBounce ZeroBounce Xverify EmailChecker QuickEmailVerification HuBuCo
Price for 5000 Verification $10 $35 $40 $49 $35 $14
Minimum Order Value $10 $35 $5 $14 $4 $7

DeBounce is the winner considering pricing factor. DeBounce competitive pricing makes it a lot easier for email marketers and businesses to verify email list with budget constraints.

Best Email Verifier - Deliverability Guarantee

Deliverability guarantee is the key metrics that define the actual capabilities of your bulk email verifier. In simple terms, deliverability guarantee means an only a certain percentage of email will cause bounce when emails are sent to the safe-to-send or deliverable accounts.

Would you work with an email verifier that does not disclose deliverability guarantee?

DeBounce backs its deliverability metrics with Credits-back Guarantee. DeBounce back-up its results with the following criteria:

  • 96%+ Accuracy rates on AOL, Yahoo, and office 365 email accounts.
  • 98%+ Accuracy rates on everything else.
Features DeBounce ZeroBounce Xverify EmailChecker QuickEmailVerification HuBuCo
Credits/Money Back Guarantee

Best Email Verifier - WordPress Plugin, API and JavaScript Widget

Real-time email verification API is extremely helpful in validating email accounts during the sign-up process. DeBounce is the only email verifier that provides free email verification API (for disposable email accounts) for a lifetime. The easy to integrate WordPress plugin is icing on the cake.

Features DeBounce ZeroBounce Xverify EmailChecker QuickEmailVerification HuBuCo
Free Email Validation API
WordPress Plugin
JavaScript Widget

Bulk Email Verifier - Email Validation Features

The best email verifier in terms of email validation capabilities is the one that offers a complete suite of bulk email verification service.

Features DeBounce ZeroBounce Xverify EmailChecker QuickEmailVerification HuBuCo
Spam-trap removal
Risk Validation
Catch-all Domain Checker
Domain Confirmation
Email Deduplication
MTA Validation
Syntax Eliminator
Complaints Removal
Anti-greylisting Technology
Data Enrichment

There are lot of services available in the market that only runs a email verification process. The Services mentioned here are the leading bulk email verifier's which offers complete package of bulk email validation.

Bulk Email Verifier - Free Trial

The free trial is a one-off list that is offered by bulk email verification services. It allows to clean emails in a small volume and experience the bulk email verification process. QuickEmailVerification offers free 100 verification daily but lacks behind in customer support.

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Free trials are for testing the services if it sounds suitable for your needs. The key factors that must be taken into account are pricing (Price per email verification), security and validation capabilities.

Bulk Email Verifier - Customer Support

For web-based services like email verification, customer support can't be overlooked. An email database is a valuable asset that is built over a period of time. Imagine a batch email verification process is interrupted for any reason and there is no accessible customer support.

Features DeBounce ZeroBounce Xverify EmailChecker QuickEmailVerification HuBuCo
Customer Support Excellent Excellent Average Excellent Average Good
What is Email Verification?

Bulk email verification is the process of validating an email account if it is configured to receive emails. Bulk email verification services are the value added to any of the businesses or individuals that send emails of any kind, i.e. Promotional, transactional or monthly newsletters.

An email validator performs a number of checks to validate an email account. After the invalid and spam accounts are filtered out, an email verification service will return a list of safe-to-send accounts that will make to the inboxes of intended users.

Bulk email verification process

  1. Syntax Check: Syntax checking in simple terms is, checking the basic format an email address. Email accounts with improper format will be removed. The process checks DNS and MX records of the domain, if any of the entries are found missing then an email verifier marks an email as invalid.
  2. Role-Base Account Check: The role-based based account in the email records can be valid accounts. But mailing to role-based emails is never a good idea. For example,
  3. Disposable email check: As the name suggests, it is a temporary address created for one-time usage and to bypass login forms. All such email accounts are removed by an email verification service.
  4. Spam-trap check: An email verifier checks the addresses that are blacklisted, known spammers and fake email addresses to detect spam-traps in the email database.
  5. Real-time Blackhole check: RBL maintains the list of IP addresses involved in misconduct to remove blacklisted accounts.
  6. Final Validation: It is an SMTP check, pinging a mailbox existence to check if a message will actually get delivered if sent to a particular address. After performing the deep email verification process, an email verifier will return your email database with it status like valid, invalid, disposable, role-accounts, unknown etc. Every email verifier advises sending emails to the list of valid, safe-to-send or deliverable emails accounts.

Importance of Email Verification

  1. Getting a hygienic email list
  2. Better inbox delivery
  3. Better ROI
  4. Saves spending on invalid accounts
  5. Protects the sender's reputation
  6. Better insights from email marketing

Do you want to read more about service reviews? Check this out: Bulk Email Verifier Features Comparison
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