What is the meaning of Allowlist?

An allowlist comprises domains and IPs that have been examined and found worthy of trust, privilege, or preference in the reputation system. Allowlist helps spam-filtering companies and mailbox providers to figure out trustworthy domains and IPs to ensure they make the right filtering decisions.

Allow-list used to mean “whitelisting.” Either way, allowlisting describes the process of granting a certain domain and sending IP the express access to a specific privilege, for instance, delivering emails. If you or others in your company are experiencing issues with receiving your email campaigns, you may ask the IT address to allowlist our addresses.
All emails you send through your account originates from our servers. However, the account owners may experience issues when sending emails from us to their personal email account on their server. This is usually due to the activation of an RSVP address within your account that claims to be coming from “,” perhaps to ensure your recipients aren’t aware that you are using us.

It is the norm to classify external emails claiming to be internal emails as spamming, so your server may block the same until you correct it through allowlisting.

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