What is the meaning of BIMI?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) can be described as a standardization system that helps brand incorporate their logo in various mail clients. This boosts impressions and increases the chances of DMARC adoption and authentication alignment.

BIMI is a method of verifying information about your brand. Similar to the three methods of verifying sender information, BIMI is a text record found on your servers. It combines with DKIM, DMARC, and SPF to send the right signals to email clients to confirm your identity.

The difference between BIMI and the three verification methods is that you can add your company logo to your emails on BIMI, provided the inbox is supported. That’s another way of getting your brand message to your subscribers.

BIMI is mainly a text file following a specific format. It is found on the sending servers. When a recipient gets a message, their email service checks the BIMI text file and its host server to confirm that the message is verifiable. If the verification is successful, the BIMI file informs the email service of the location of the sender’s logo. The email service then pulls that logo into the receiver’s inbox.

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