What is Blast?

Blasting or Batch-and-Blast means sending a large number of commercial emails to a large population of subscribers. Such emails are hardly personalized. Sometimes, blasting may translate to spamming.

Marketers used to believe that the best way to reach their goals is to hit as many inboxes as possible. This belief birthed the Blast strategy. But thanks to the new email best practices and legal regulations, it is clear that increased engagement doesn’t come from bombarding recipients with offerings, even when they do not opt-in for emails from you. Instead, the right way to get increased engagement is to target a smaller but genuinely interested audience.

Marketers can no longer send batch and blast emails to a subscribers list, even when they have opted in for their communications. With these regulations, such mass emails may end up in the spam folder, depleting the sending reputation of the sender and breeding distrust among the audience.

While we are not discouraging sending to a large list of subscribers, it is recommended that you segment your list and send only targeted and relevant messages to your subscribers. If you will be sending an email blast, ensure that the email is in line with the CAN-SPAM Act, which demands that an unsubscribe link to be included, and a clear representation of the sending business or individual in the email.

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