Canonical Name (CNAME)

What is the meaning of Canonical Name (CNAME)?

A CNAME is a type of DNS record used in aliasing a domain name to another.

All CNAME records do not point to an IP address. Instead, they point to a domain. It can be likened to a hunt where each clue leads to another clue until you get to the final clue that leads you to the prize. So, when a domain has a CNAME record, it is a clue that leads you to another clue (which is another domain with a CNAME record), and this sequence continues until you get to the ultimate prize (which is a domain with an A record).

For instance, if a blog – has a CNAME record whose value is ‘’ (without the ‘blog’). Hence, when a DNS server hits the DNS records for the blog at, another DNS lookup is triggered, but this time to The lookup will return the IP address of through its A record. So, here, we can say that is the true name or canonical name of

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