Conversion Rate

What is the meaning of Conversion Rate?

This refers to the rate of subscribers who perform the particular call-to-action or goal you targeted with your email campaign. It is a critical success metric in an email campaign.

Email Conversion Rate Explained

Also called the email marketing conversion rate, the email conversion rate is the % of subscribers who completed a goal action you wanted them to. For instance, your goal action may be to have your subscribers make a purchase from you or just become a lead.

Calculating Your Email Conversion Rate

You can determine your email campaign conversion rate by dividing the number of subscribers who completed the specified action goal by the total number of subscribers who received your email and multiply the answer by 100.

Conversion Rate is Crucial

Knowing how many people respond to your emails is a failsafe way to estimate how effective your marketing efforts. Email marketers choose the conversion rate as an accurate metric in this case because it is a comparison of the number of responses with the total number of contacts.

For instance, 50 people may sign up for your mailing list (subscribers), and you think you already have something to celebrate. However, it becomes a different ball game entirely when you discover that the 50 subscribers were among the 50,000 people who visited your website. It means your conversion rate is just 1%, which means you need to improve your content for better performance.

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