Email checker, email validator, or email verifier

What is the meaning of Email checker, email validator, or email verifier?

Email verification or validation is handled by an email checker/validator/verifier. These systems are also called email cleaning service or email list cleaning service in some cases.

Email validation is the process of verifying if an email address is valid and deliverable. The process involves catching typos and defining them as clear mistakes or intentional misleads. Email validation also verifies if a certain email address exists with a reliable domain, for instance, Yahoo, Microsoft, or Google.

Asides from decluttering your email address list, email verification protects your email sender score to help your email program maintain maximum efficiency.

How Email Validation Works

The first step in email verification is to bulk upload your list of email IDs. The email validation tools will then work on this by running relevant checks to see if the entered email addresses are invalid, risky, or valid.

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