What is the meaning of Permission?

A permission is an express approval where a recipient actively asks the sender to include their email address on a list.

There are different ways to get permission. The first is to get a new user to check a box while signing up to confirm their interest in getting emails from you.  Another way to collect permission is to ask leads to enter their email addresses in a form to confirm their interest in receiving promotions and updates from you. Lastly, you can collect permission by asking attendees at a conference to write their email addresses on a list so you can reach them if you have more information for them.

There is a common factor in all of these situations – the person knows what they are signing up for. They know you and why they are submitting their email addresses. Also, they will not be surprised to see an email from you and will most likely open such emails.

Why you should not send unsolicited emails

Your recipients’ interactions with your emails go a long way in determining your sending reputation. Sending people emails when they do not expect one might get them to react in ways that could adversely affect your success when trying to send emails in the future.

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