Confirmed Opt-In

What is Confirmed Opt-In?

Confirmed Opt-In (COI), also known as double opt-in, refers to the practice employed by organizations or companies to obtain verifiable confirmation from recipients before adding their email addresses to a mailing list. When a user submits their email to join a mailing list, the organization or company sends a confirmation email asking the recipient to verify their intent by clicking a designated link.

Confirmed Opt-In describes a situation where an organization or company with verifiably confirmed permission for a recipient’s email address to be added to their mailing list.

The purpose of the confirmation email is to ensure that the recipient indeed wants to subscribe to the mailing list and that the email address provided is accurate. By requiring this additional step, COI helps filter out incorrect or mistyped email addresses, reducing the likelihood of bounced emails and preserving the overall quality of the mailing list.

The confirmation email typically includes a clear call-to-action instructing the recipient to click the verification link. This link is often embedded in a button or presented as clickable text. Once the recipient clicks the link, they are directed to a confirmation landing page or a website where their subscription is validated.

COI offers several benefits for both organizations and recipients. It helps organizations maintain a clean and engaged mailing list by ensuring that only interested and legitimate subscribers are added. It also mitigates the risk of spam complaints and improves deliverability rates. By confirming their subscription, recipients actively consent to receiving emails, reducing the likelihood of unsolicited messages and enhancing the organization’s compliance with anti-spam regulations.

For recipients, COI provides an added layer of control and security. It ensures that their email address is not added to a mailing list without their explicit consent. The confirmation process also verifies that the organization or company operates transparently and respects the recipient’s privacy.

While COI is a widely adopted best practice, it is important to note that not all organizations or industries utilize this method. Some may opt for a single opt-in process, where a confirmation step is unnecessary. However, double opt-in remains recommended to build high-quality mailing lists and foster stronger engagement with subscribers.


1. Why is Confirmed Opt-In (COI) important in email marketing?
Confirmed Opt-In is important in email marketing as it ensures that recipients provide explicit confirmation and consent to be added to a mailing list. It filters out incorrect email addresses, helps maintain a clean and engaged subscriber base, reduces spam complaints, and improves deliverability rates.

2. How does COI work in practice?
When a user submits their email to join a mailing list, the organization or company sends a confirmation email asking the recipient to verify their intent. The recipient must click a verification link within the email to complete the subscription process. This extra step ensures that the email address is accurate and that the recipient genuinely wants to be added to the mailing list.

3. What are the benefits of using COI?
Using Confirmed Opt-In offers benefits for both organizations and recipients. For organizations, it helps maintain a high-quality mailing list, reduces the risk of spam complaints, and improves email deliverability. For recipients, COI provides control over their subscriptions, ensures transparency and privacy, and reduces the likelihood of receiving unsolicited emails.

4. Are there any drawbacks to using COI?
While COI offers numerous benefits, it can introduce additional friction in the subscription process. Some users may not complete the confirmation step, leading to a potential loss of subscribers. Additionally, the extra step may slightly delay the time it takes for users to start receiving emails. However, these potential drawbacks are outweighed by the long-term advantages of using COI.

5. Is COI mandatory for all organizations?
COI is not mandatory for all organizations or industries. Some may opt for a single opt-in process, where a confirmation step is unnecessary. However, COI is widely recommended as a best practice to maintain list quality, improve engagement, and ensure compliance with anti-spam regulations.

6. Can COI be used in combination with other email marketing practices?
Yes, COI can be combined with other email marketing practices such as segmentation, personalization, and email automation. It provides a foundation for building a high-quality subscriber base, allowing organizations to deliver more targeted and relevant content to their engaged audience.

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