List Hygiene

What is the meaning of List Hygiene?

List hygiene or data hygiene refers to the act of maintaining your email list to prevent spam complainers, unsubscribes, and hard bounces. List hygiene keeps the list clean and updated while improving deliverability.

An important aspect of email marketing campaigns is the creation and proper management of email subscriber lists. This is called list hygiene. What you set out to achieve with list hygiene is making sure you get the best possible engagement and conversion rates from sent email messages.

List hygiene encompasses different techniques and processes, all designed to help clean and improve your email list. These include:

  1. Segmenting your email subscribers according to income, marital status, gender, location, and other filters;
  2. Regular updating or deleting user email addresses;
  3. Removing email addresses from bounced back emails.
  4. Fixing typos and other errors in email addresses
  5. Deleting duplicate entries from your email lists.

You can carry out list hygiene anytime. If your email is not performing as expected, start by understanding the issue, then engage, offer value, and be deliberate about establishing or re-establishing these important client relationships.

Smart engagements with your list can improve your email list and make it a very profitable client channel over time.

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