What is Disposable?

Disposables or temporary email addresses are only valid for a specific period, so they are ideal for short-term usages, such as downloading a freebie or registering or posting a comment on a platform or forum.

Disposable email is an email service offered to a registered user for a specified period through a temporary email address. Disposable email is not the same as a disposable email address – the latter only forwards messages to a primary email account, which is usually referred to as an alias.

When a user joins a disposable email service, they register for a discussion forum. Instead of receiving spam in their primary email address, they get a different inbox, reply, and forward functions for the purpose.

In some cases, the disposable email service provider may create a temporary email address immediately after a potential user lands on their website and clicks on a link. This is followed by the provision of a temporary email address to the user – the user may decide to use the email or not.

You can hardly register for a service without providing your email address. But the increasing menace of spam and unsolicited email messages means people do not want to submit their primary email address. This is where disposable email addresses come in – it allows users to generate and use a different email address every time they need to sign up for a service.

Users can easily keep a record of these unique email addresses to understand how much information the spammers can access. Disposable email is also called throw-away email or temporary email.

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