What is Reputation?

A sender’s reputation in email marketing is an evaluation of their credibility and trustworthiness based on a multitude of data points and signals gathered over time. This assessment is performed by individual Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and mailbox providers, each implementing their unique methodologies. Sender reputation is often associated with the sender’s domains and IP addresses, which play a crucial role in determining the deliverability and success of email campaigns.

Email sender reputation in email marketing refers to the perceived credibility and trustworthiness of a sender based on their past sending practices, engagement rates, and adherence to industry best practices, influencing the deliverability and inbox placement of their emails.

The process of evaluating sender reputation involves analyzing various factors such as email engagement rates, complaint rates, spam trap hits, bounce rates, and overall sending practices. ISPs and mailbox providers gather this information from recipient feedback, spam filters, and other proprietary systems to form a comprehensive view of a sender’s reputation.

Maintaining a positive sender reputation is vital for successful email delivery. A good reputation signals to ISPs that the sender is trustworthy and sends legitimate, wanted emails, increasing the chances of messages reaching recipients’ inboxes instead of being filtered into spam folders or blocked entirely.

To manage and improve sender reputation, it is essential to follow best practices in email marketing, such as obtaining permission from recipients, sending relevant and engaging content, maintaining low complaint and bounce rates, and regularly monitoring and addressing any deliverability issues. Additionally, managing the reputation of domains and IP addresses used for sending emails is crucial, as negative associations with these can impact overall sender reputation.

It’s important to note that sender reputation is not universally standardized, and each ISP and mailbox provider may have its own algorithms and criteria for evaluating reputation. Therefore, maintaining a positive sender reputation requires ongoing monitoring, adaptation, and adherence to industry best practices to ensure optimal email deliverability and engagement.

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