Transactional Email

What is the meaning of Transactional Email?

Unlike commercial emails, transactional emails are email classification types meant for transactional exchanges. CAN-SPAM defines them as “facilitating, completing, or confirming a previously agreed-upon transaction.” Examples of transactional emails include privacy policy updates, itineraries, receipts, password resets, and more. Senders can send a transactional email without having a postal address or unsubscribe link.

Customers find Transactional Emails as a form of reassurance about the reliability of a brand. For the companies, transactional emails offer an avenue to provide improved customer service. Here is an instance: when a brand sends an order confirmation email, it confers a degree of certainty on the buyer with respect to the status of their transaction, while also showing that the business has received the customer’s order.

Email marketing services helps senders get the best out of transactional emails. There is a dedicated and reliable SMTP service, which guarantees a high email deliverability rate. Likewise, it serves as another authentication method for improved performance.

Below are ways businesses can benefit from transactional emails:

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