Re-Confirm Campaign

What is Re-Confirm Campaign?

When a subscriber’s permission has expired, the sender launches a re-confirm campaign to remind clients of past correspondence and ask them to re-confirm their email opt-in.

It is recommended to send a re-engagement campaign periodically to ensure list hygiene and keep your subscribers in the loop. Re-engagement emails usually inform the recipients of their non-engagement, which is why you sent them the messages. However, the structure and timing of these emails depend on how regularly you send emails to your list.

A re-confirm campaign in email marketing is a strategic initiative to obtain explicit consent from subscribers by requesting them to confirm their interest in receiving communications, often leading to improved deliverability and compliance.

For instance, if your subscribers get a daily newsletter, your re-engagement emails should target subscribers who haven’t opened in 30 days. Likewise, a monthly newsletter frequency should have a quarterly re-engagement campaign.

When re-engaging your subscribers, it is advisable that you introduce a discount or offer information on your preference center. If there are cold subscribers on your list, this will get them to unsubscribe. That said, cold subscribers unsubscribing is hardly a problem – up to 45% of re-engagement campaign recipients read the subsequent emails.

For subscribers who do not respond to such emails, you may remove them from your list. The more ghost subscribers you can get off your list, the better your overall deliverability.

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